How to install Esteem theme

How to Install and make Esteem theme and make exactly like demo website

Esteem theme is developed by FreeBiezz. This is the first Drupal responsive theme from FreeBiezz team. We are completly in web design and development. You can make your website same like our demo Esteem website. We will explain you one by one. 

  1. Install Drupal or use existing build
  2. Install below modules
  3. Install Font Awesome module and place Font Awesome libraries files in (sites/all/libraries/fontawesome). Just install and enable module.
  4. Install Libraries module. Just install and enable module.
  5. Install and enable Esteem theme
  6. Download Esteem theme, extract downloaded zip file and place in 'sites/all/themes'.
  7. Navigate to admin -> appearance (path: Choose Esteem theme and click 'Set default'.

Cool, You have installed all required modules and libraries. We can start making buid same like our Esteem demo website.

Login into Drupal admin, Navigate to block page Structure -> Block (path:

  1. Assign Nivo-slider block to 'Slideshow' region. Make sure that you used same image size in each slides (We have used 2500 X 860 images).
  2. Assign Webform block in to 'Offer' Region.
  3. Create blocks and assign blocks to respective regions. You will get same style when you place blocks in regions.
  4. Use 'btn' class name for <a> tag for making same button style in 'Top message', 'Top first widget' & 'Top second widget' (example: <a class="btn" href="#">Book Now</a>).
  5. Add social media links. Navigate to admin -> appearance (path: Click Esteem theme 'Settings' and scroll down and add your social media links and keep it blank if you don't have specific social media's links.

Hope you got same build like our demo website.